Bees & Wasps



While bees are not a pest as such, they can be a serious concern for those allergic to bee stings. Allowing a bee hive to grow near your home can result in a potentially dangerous situation as the risk of encountering a swarm is likely.

When hives become too small to house a colony, moving bees leave in search of a new home. They tend to occupy vacant cavities and you could find yourself with a swarm or the beginning stages of a new hive on your property, under eaves, roofs, patios and pergolas and even chimneys.


Wasps can often be seen buzzing around backyard pools, birdbaths or other bodies of water. They are also very attracted to soft drink cans, resulting in a number of dangerous and painful situations where children have drank from a can a wasp has entered. Unlike bees, wasps can sting again and again, each sting delivering excruciating pain.


The removal of both Bees and Wasps require experienced technicians who are able to inspect the infestation and develop a removal strategy that is safe for you and your family. The technician will educate you with regards to the behaviour and habits of the species present, helping you to prevent future infestations. This is achieved by recommending modifications of the area in and around your property.


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