Moving into your newly built home is an exciting time.  It’s the culmination of years of hard work and preparation.  You may have spent countless hours designing and styling your dream home.

The excitement can be short lived however if defects appear only a short time after living in your new home.

While you may have conducted a Handover Defect Inspection after completion of the build, changes occur over time.  The building material has settled, it may have warped or you may notice hairline cracks in the wall and ceiling structures.  The ceiling may be sagging or roof leaking.  Movement in the slab may have caused some minor cracking in tiles.  You may also notice some issues with the doors and trim, or plumbing and electrical systems.



Depending on your contract, you will have coverage on works and materials relating to various components of your home, particularly during the first year.

By conducting a Builder Warranty Inspection prior to the end of the first 6 to 12 months in your new home, you can approach your builder to rectify issues covered under warranty to avoid paying them out of your own pocket. Our qualified Inspectors have experience in building themselves, so can assist you in obtaining a professional report that will allow you to be taken seriously by the builder and see your concerns heard and issues resolved.

We approach all Builder Warranty Inspections with the same level of focus as a Handover Defect Inspection. As a leading property inspections company in Perth we use the same criteria and checks to allow us to look for any changes, major or minor, in you property that have occurred over time.

You only get one chance to have your builder rectify issues before your warranty expires.  Ensure your property is in pristine condition before it’s too late to resolve.


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