Flies pose a health risk to humans, pets and livestock. The list of disease-causing organisms that flies may harbour on or in their bodies is enormous. These diseases include salmonella food-poisoning, dysentery, typhoid fever, cholera, hepatitis, tuberculosis, poliomyelitis, various parasitic worms and many others.

Flies collect pathogens on their legs and mouths when they feed. They move quickly, leaving food in your home or business vulnerable to contamination by feeding on food left on counters and through touch when sitting or walking on surfaces.

Simple preventative measures can be used to limit the amount of flies around your home. Closing doors and screening windows to prevent flies from entering. Keep garbage containers clean inside and outside the house. Keep surfaces clean to make then less appealing to flies.


A PinPoint Pest Technician will assess the property and determine the extent of the treatment that is required. Identification of the locations where the flies have been depositing their eggs are important. The locations are to be cleaned and removed to ensure that the breeding site does not remain a problem.

The next step is to kill the adult flies. The use of fly bait, traps or insecticide application may be required. We use environmentally friendly chemicals that are safe for humans and pets. Our technicians are qualified and insured to execute the work we are required to conduct.


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