While a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection may seem like another arduous step in the process when purchasing a property, ascertaining the property’s condition before handing over your hard earned money is essential.

  • Structural weaknesses can result in collapses that can be not only expense to repair, but can also put yourself, loved ones or tenants at risk of personal injury.
  • The presence of asbestos and other harmful and unsafe materials can not only be expensive to remove or repair, but could also have serious health consequences.
  • Faulty electrical wiring and the absence of smoke alarms can create dangerous situations resulting in electrocution or fire.

While you may have viewed the main property prior to purchase, what about the other structures that form part of the property, such as sheds, patios and granny flats?

Any aspects of your property that require repair will be your financial responsibility after purchase.



Obtaining a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection and Inspection Report prior to the purchase of a property allows you to not only ascertain if a property’s condition is reflected in its sale price, but should you choose to buy a “fixer upper” for a discount price, you’ll also know what needs repairing and can budget accordingly.

Your Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Report allows you to know in advance any potential issues, negotiate for a lower price and to obtain specialist advice for any issues.  A small investment in a Pre Purchase Inspection can quickly and easily translate into thousands of dollars is saved repair and maintenance costs.

A Pre-Purchase Inspection report is different to a Timber Pest Inspection Report.  We strongly recommend you also obtain a Timber Pest Inspection in conjunction with your Pre-Purchase Inspection to ensure all potential risks are investigated.  A $20 discount applies when a Timber Pest Inspection is purchased in conjunction with any other Inspection Package.


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