It can be a disturbing realisation that these relatively large creatures are infesting your home or business. The tell tale signs are usually visible droppings and actually seeing a rat or mice scurrying across the floor. These animals multiply very quickly so it is important to address the problem quickly and efficiently.

Rats and mice can cause damage to homes and commercial buildings due to their habit for eating everything in sight.

Nests can be found within walls, ceiling voids and just about anywhere where food is kept. They are notorious carriers for a variety of diseases transmittable to humans, the most common being gastrointestinal transmissions and salmonella food poisoning. Dangerous both at home and in business where food contamination can occur.


Prevention of Rat & Mice infestation is the first line of defense against the pest. This can be a very large task to undertake as they can fit through extremely small holes. Start with sanitation, ensuring that food is not accessible and trash is removed appropriately. There are plenty of DIY treatment measures available but it is not often successful in the eradication of the pest.

PinPoint provides Rat & Mice pest control in Perth that will assist in making the frustrating task of getting rid of and infestation much easier. Our technicians will assess the property and find possible nests. They will develop a treatment plan and provide you with the necessary information to monitor for recurring issues. Our treatment follows strict guidelines to ensure the safety of humans and pets.

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