You’ve got to have a healthy respect for spiders in our world as they do assist us in keeping other pests at bay, however it can happen that your home or business can be overrun with these arachnids. With Australia being host to some of the world’s most venomous spiders, we’ve all learned to keep a respectful distance, but accidental encounters can happen. We work with you to keep your family, and in particular children, safe from unsavoury and potentially dangerous bites. Let’s work together to work out the best possible spider treatment & management plan for your home.


Australia is home to many different species of spiders despite the fact that most of the spiders are nonaggressive, however venomous spiders such as the Redback spider can be found in Perth.  Spiders thrive in the warmer months and hide in small spaces both inside and outside the home, suck as your mailbox or near your bins.

Common spiders found around the home in the Perth area are:

  • Redback
  • Black House Spider
  • White Tailed Spider
  • Daddy Long Legs and
  • Huntsman Spider.

Each of the species exhibit different traits and choose different locations to make their home and find prey. Some prefer dry, warm areas and reside in places like air vents and upper corners of the room. Others like moisture and can be found on damp parts of the building like the back of cupboards.

Not only are they a nuisance, but they can also pose a severe health threat to you and your family. Any spider bite should receive medical attention as blood poisoning or an infection could result.


A PinPoint Pest Technician will be able to identify the type and location of the infestation and recommend a treatment in accordance. Spiders have many ways to enter the home and most of the time enter looking for prey. Thus treatment must be administered in such a way that home entry is prevented.

Despite there being many treatments available for purchase by the public. DIY spider pest control inevitably remains a short term solution compared to a professional pest control. Professional treatment will provide longevity.

PinPoint spider pest control technicians will conduct an inspection of your property and take into consideration your concerns when developing a treatment plan to keep you property and home free from spiders. We always treat your home or business as if it were our own, our products are people and pet friendly.


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