Termites feed on dead plant material, including wood, leaf litter, soil and animal dung. Worker termites are known to reach 50 – 100 metres from their nest in search of food. As a consequence of their wood-eating habits, termite species do great damage to buildings and wooden structures.

As they remain concealed during their feeding, often their presence remains undetected until too late and timbers are severely damaged.

Many of us are guilty of not to read the policy disclosure statement, (PDS) and the exclusions, when securing homeowners insurance. Some homeowners have been left shocked to find on lodging an insurance claim that ‘Loss or damage arising from insects and vermin’ is not covered by many insurance providers.

Perth homes are at high risk of termite invasion. Prevention through inspection and pest control is highly recommended to save you big expenses in the long run.



PinPoint provides termite pest control in Perth. The Timber and Pest package we offer investigates the integrity of timber and the presence of pests and termites in the roof cavity, subfloor, interior, perimeter fencing, trees and outbuildings. It also identifies any areas that may come under threat from termites in the future.

A discount applies when a Timber & Pest Inspection is purchased in conjunction with any other Inspection Package, an ideal combination for full peace of mind on your investment.


In order to maintain termite pest control it is recommended to inspect your property annually. Our technicians inspect for the presence of termites in the roof cavity, subfloor, interior, perimeter fencing, trees & outbuildings. Compliant with Australian Standard 3660.2 (Termite Management). Regular inspections will assist in the prevention of large infestations and prevention of unwanted repairs to your property.


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