If you are putting your home or investment property on the market, obtaining a Vendor Building Inspection can help you discover any potential issues and resolve them prior to listing.  

All buildings are different. Irregardless of how you care for your property, each building ages differently depending on the materials used in construction, environmental conditions over time, presence of pests and any number of other factors.  

Any issues discovered by potential buyers during the sale process have the ability to greatly affect:

  • The length of time your property is on the market.  The longer your property remains on the market, the more time and money is spent waiting for the sale to clear, time and money that could be better spent elsewhere.
  • The final sale price.  Any defects, repairs or issues with the property are ammunition for the buyer in negotiation to drive down your desired sale price.



Obtaining a Vendor Building Inspection prior to listing your property on the market can save you considerably in time, money and stress.  

Discover any issues so you can repair them quickly, getting your house on the market and ready for sale sooner.  If your home is in fine shape and doesn’t need any repairs, you have the proof on hand. The buyer may even decide to forego their own Pre-Purchase Inspection if your Inspection report is from a reputable inspection company, such as PinPoint, making the whole process run smoother and faster.

Any repairs carried out can increase the value of your home and allow you to raise the sale price.  Knowing that your property is in prime condition gives you the confidence to set a good price and defend it to potential buyers.

With the potential for a faster sale and higher sale prices, it is a strategic decision to obtain a Vendor Building Inspection prior to commencing the sale process.

For complete transparency, we recommend a Timber Pest Inspection with an Vendor Building Inspection.


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